Fără categorie Information about accommodation academic year 2023/2024

Information about accommodation academic year 2023/2024



  1. Accommodation request

During the period 06.06.2023 – 17.09.2023, students of Constanța Maritime University, enrolled in day courses, with permanent residence at a distance of more than 50 km from the city of Constanța can request accommodation in the university dormitories for the academic year 2023/2024.

I.1. The request is made by completing the Accommodation Request form on the CMU website – Home/Students/Student dormitories.

I.2. After completing the form electronically, the student will send to the e-mail address camine@cmu-edu.eu:

  1. a) a photocopy of the identity document;
  2. b) photocopies of the documents requested for granting priority accommodation – if applicable;
  3. c) emergency contact person and their phone number.

I.3. Students who fit the performance criterion, the medical criterion or in the voluntary criterion benefit from accommodation priority and will specify this in the body of the e-mail with the mention “requesting inclusion in the performance/medical/volunteer criteria”.

Documents required for accommodation priority

Fitting into one of the criteria that give priority to accommodation: performance, medical and volunteering is carried out by the Commission for the analysis of the files submitted for prioritization at the accommodation, appointed by the Decision of the Rector of Constanța Maritime University.The framing is done based on the documents submitted by the applicant, which accompany the accommodation request. A representative of the Student League is also part of the Analysis Commission.

Following the analysis of the documents, the Commission may ask the students to complete the documents.

Failure to submit the documents within the specified period entails the loss of accommodation priority

  1. For the performance criterion:
  2. a) Students with performances in academic activity – Certificates issued by the Faculty, certifying that they are students with all exams taken and have averages of at least 8.00 in the previous years of study;
  3. b) Students with performances in extracurricular activities – scientific and technical: diplomas obtained within the scientific and technical extracurricular activities.
  4. c) Students with cultural-artistic and sports performances: copies of the obtained diplomas at national or international competitions.
  5. d) Students enrolled in the tuition-free form of education benefit from accommodation priority in relation to students enrolled in the fee-based form, no supporting documents are required.
  6. For the medical criterion:

Students who, as a result of accidents, encounter difficulties in traveling to classes, as well as students suffering from serious, non-contagious diseases: copies in legalized translation of medical documents or a certificate from a Romanian specialist doctor, to confirm the condition.

  1. For the voluntary criterion:
  2. a) Academic, cultural and sports activities carried out by CMU – a presentation of the activities carried out, signed by a CMU teaching staff – responsible for carrying out the activities. The activities must be carried out during the current academic year;
  3. b) Administrative activities carried out within the CMU – a presentation of the activities carried out, signed by a UMC employee – responsible for carrying out the activities – minimum 5 activities. Document must be approved by the head of the compartment/department. Activities must be conducted on during the current academic year;
  4. c) Academic, cultural, sports and administrative activities carried out by Student League – a presentation of the activities carried out – at least 5, from the current academic year, signed by The President of Student League, a certificate signed by the President of Student League certifying occupying a position within the organization for a period of at least 3 months of the current academic year;
  5. d) Volunteering activities carried out by any entity involved in volunteering actions, recognized by the Senate of the Constanța Maritime University – a presentation of the activities carried out – at least 5, from the current academic year, signed by the head of the organization.

I.4. In the Accommodation Complex of Constanța Maritime University, students who:

– alienated the place of accommodation;

– were sanctioned with exclusion from the dormitory and the sanction has not expired;

– appear with debits for the payment of the dormitory fee;

caused material damage that was not recovered/did not hand over the goods for individual use that were entrusted to them for use.


I.5. Accommodation requests submitted after the deadline will be considered within the limits of the places that will remain available, after the accommodation of the students (with the right to accommodation) who have submitted their requests within the deadline.

  1. Distribution of accommodation places

II.1. The distribution list is published according to the structure of the academic year, but until 25.09.2023.

II.2. The allocation of accommodation places is made taking into account:

  1. a) the accommodation capacity of each dormitory,
  2. b) operating expenses – differentiated for each dormitory,
  3. c) the tuition fee of Romanian students from everywhere, of foreign students on scholarships of the Romanian state, of foreign students on their own account in lei/currency,
  4. d) students included in the performance criterion,
  5. e) Romanian students with parents classified in the teaching/teaching staff category or with parents retired from the education system – who were classified in the teaching/teaching staff category,
  6. f) orphaned Romanian students and Romanian students from placement centers,
  7. g) students involved in volunteer activities,
  8. h) students included in the medical criterion.

II.3. If the number of requests exceeds the number of accommodation places, for students enrolled in the form of education with a fee, the division will be made as follows:

  1. a) Students enrolled in bachelor’s/master’s studies entering the first year of study are placed in descending order of the average obtained in the Baccalaureate exam/Bachelor’s exam;
  2. b) Students enrolled in undergraduate studies entering the second, third and fourth year of study and students from master’s studies entering the second year of study: students with all exams taken have priority, followed by the rest of the students in descending order of the number of credits obtained – as they are reflected in the tuition management program at least 5 days before the display of the Student Dormitory Assignment Lists.

II.4. The order of accommodation within a category of students is by year of study, from the first year to the fourth year of undergraduate studies, followed by the first year of the master’s degree and the second year of the master’s degree.