Specialization Navigation and Naval Transport

Bachelor of Science Degree in Maritime Transport: Navigation and Naval Transport

Constanta Maritime University trains engineers in Navigation and river and maritime transport in accordance with the national standards set by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, as well as the IMO international standards.
Thus, our graduates can apply for a river or maritime officer certificate, which is recognized all over the world.
Graduates of our university benefit from double certification:

  • Engineer Diploma (BSC) in the specialization field awarded by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports
  • Deck officer certificate awarded after sitting an exam at the Romanian Naval Authority.


Specialization Economic Engineering in Transports

Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and Management: Economic Engineering in Transports

Constanta is the only city in the country where the transport on wheels, by railway or air are interconnected with river and maritime transport, which makes it the ideal area for developing this specialization.

This specialization gives the graduates alternatives for a future career in the field of transports. It is also a good alternative for students who want to have two degrees or graduates of other specializations who choose to work ashore.

The students have the chance to sit fewer exams than the usual because they have already passed them while studying the previous specialization.

At the end of studies (4 years) they get a diploma of engineer – economist, which offers grauates more flexibility on the labor market.