The Journal aims to be a depository of original papers reflecting efforts of researchers in order to achieve  and disseminate developments in the field of marine technology and marine environment.

The Journal provides a forum for the discussion of current issues in marine science, environment and technology. The range of topics extends from research in marine science and engineering, marine renewable energy and sustainability, marine environmental issues, maritime safety, marine chemistry, marine corrosion and material science, ship design, building technologies, ocean engineering to marine-related research in the fields of environmental science and technology, oceanography, computational mechanics, risk management and information technology.

The Journal is published twice a year, topics being focused on key priority themes of protecting the marine environment whilst exploiting its resources, aiming the progress towards a more competitive  and sustainable marine industry.

The submitted papers are subject of a peer review process. Are accepted scientific papers in topics, written in English. The submission should respect announced deadlines.

Editors and members of Editorial/Scientific Board were selected according to their skills and experience  in the scope of the journal.