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1. Does the training Centre provide English language training?
Yes. The course didactic materials are written in English and the course will be held in English unless otherwise agreed.

2. Is the DP training recognized by the Nautical Institute?
Yes. Constanta Maritime University Training Centre is FULLY ACCREDITED by The Nautical Institute to run DP Induction and Simulator Courses.

3. Do I receive Nautical Institute DP Logbook?
Yes. On successful completion of DP Induction course, the DP trainees will receive the Certificate of DP Induction Course completion, and (on request) DP Logbook. The cost for DP Logbook is 125 Euro.

4. Is the DP Maintenance training in line with IMCA requirements?
Yes. Constanta Maritime University is a TRAINING ESTABLISHMENT (S*) member of IMCA Marine Division. Course content is in line with IMCA guidance documents and syllabi for DP related training courses.

5. Do I receive IMCA Logbook?
Yes. On successful completion of DP Maintenance course, the DP trainees will receive the Certificate of DP Maintenance Course completion, and (on request) IMCA DP Logbook. The cost for IMCA DP Logbook is 60 Euros.

6. Where can I find the schedule of courses?
All upcoming courses are listed here.

7. How can I register for training courses?
To register for a training course, please complete the application form and submit it via email to dp.registration@cmu-edu.eu. We will send you an email with further information for completing the registration.

8. How many people would normally attend each course?
Each training course has 2 to 8 available seats, depending on the type of the DP course. To find more about the criteria for allocation of seats on each course, please see the section Enroll DP Courses.

9. What is the duration of DP training courses?
The duration of DP training courses is four days, from 09:00 till 17:00 (attendees are asked to arrive by 08:45)