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Project summary

The HORESEC project supports intelligent specialization in the energy field through a holistic analysis of renewable energy sources impact on climate change and on each other, fulfilling the objectives of sustainable development as well as advanced and progressive knowledge. Accelerate integration of RES set a new world record regarding grid’s capacity to absorb intermittent energy, which is specific to renewable energy production, was driven by a fast reduction of related technologies expenses.

Increased share of RES in energy production greatly complicates the operation of current systems requiring new long-term storage solutions, developed in the HORESEC project. It will be carried out on a pilot plant test solutions for dynamic adaptation of the system to increase RES share in the energy production, including long-term storage solutions.

Project objectives: Establishing the main climatological and environmental parameters with impact on RES and reciprocally.

Objective achievements:

  • By realizing the mathematical model of the analyzed factors evolution, will be identified the climatological, environmental and social indicators associated with the RES dynamics, which will be subsequently verified on the developed pilot installation;
  • Efficiency of energy production through new technologies and algorithms to optimize the RES response by developing new methods and measurement models;
  • By analyzing complex compounds of biofuels, will be defined a matrix of biofuels, which shall be tested on a pilot combustion plant and on a diesel engine with the aim of obtaining new patentable technologies.

The use of biomass will take place in an integrated stream with the production and storage of hydrogen and methanisation and ultimately sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions; Finding innovative storage solutions for medium and long term; Demonstration of project feasibility through experimental determinations on a pilot plant, facilitating the acquisition of research results by the industrial environment.