Draft Guidelines for Grant Applicants for the first call for proposals under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 has been published for public consultation

Please note that the public consultation of the draft Guidelines for Grant Applicants under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 is closed!

Thank you for your contributions and useful inputs!

Herewith we launch for public consultation the draft Guidelines for Grant Applicants under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020:

This document is intended to help the applicants to prepare the content of the project application and provides information on how to fill in the application, budget and related forms, the application procedure, the project selection criteria, the decision procedure and other practical advises.

Taking into account that the rules under the 2014-2020 Programme are different from those under the 2007-2013 Black Sea Basin Programme, we recommend you to read carefully the Guidelines in order to avoid confusion.

Please be aware that these Guidelines are only a draft and that the final version will be published together with the launching of the call, after the approval of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Programme!

Very important!

In the draft Guidelines for Applicants – section 3.2 On-line Submission System,  we provide a link (http://ems-bs.mdrap.ro) of the electronic Management System (eMS) where anyone can create an account and test the use of the eMS by introducing any data according to the instructions provided in the Guidelines. However, any data introduced during the consultation period shall be lost as soon as we finalise the public consultation.

Please not that eMS is still open and functional for testing. If you have inputs and questions please send them to office@bsb.adrse.ro

We recommend you follow our programme website for further information and updates!

Please note that only the information introduced by a Lead Partner, once the call will be officially launched, shall be taken into account during the evaluation and selection process!

Any suggestion, recommendation or query you may have during the public consultation period, please address them to the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme at the email address: office@bsb.adrse.ro, until 23rd September 2016Please note that the public consultation is closed!

The replies to the questions regarding the content of the draft Guidelines for Applicants shall be published on the programme website: www.blacksea-cbc.net under the FAQ section.

Source: http://blacksea-cbc.net

Written by cercetare