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Constanta Maritime UniversityConstanta Maritime University (CMU) is a higher education and research state owned institution, an academic community formed by 126 teaching staff, auxiliary teaching staff, 5013 students (2015), technical and administrative staff. The academic autonomy stands at the basis of CMU’s activity and is considered a specific mean for self-governance, in accordance with the legal framework established by the Romanian Constitution and by the Education Law no. 84/1995, reissued in 1999 and other applicable laws, as well as by its internal procedures. CMU shares the provisions of The Lima Declaration on Academic Freedom and Autonomy of Institution of Higher Education (1988), The Magna Charta of European Universities (Bologna, 1988) and adheres to the Bologna Declaration (1999).

CMU has introduced new vocational education activities, developing new qualifications and the pertaining course modules, developed and implemented by CMU experts. They identified the skill sets, set the occupational standard, and introduced in National Qualification Framework the following qualifications: Technological risk management, Wastewater treatment operations and Management of environmental systems. These newly developed vocational qualifications and the teaching syllabus were authorised by the Educational and Research Ministry, the Labour, Family and Social Protection Ministry, and National Authority of Qualification. CMU has also introduced vocational Dynamic Positioning courses, internationally accredited by The Nautical Institute.

Project management and implementation team:

Assoc Prof Dr Nicoleta ACOMI, Project Manager

Lecturer Dr. Mircea ZUS

Assoc Prof Dr Costel STANCA

Lecturer Dr Cristian ANDREI

Lecturer Dr Alina BOSTINA

Lecturer Dr Simona GHITA

Lecturer Dr Corina VARSAMI

Ec Cecilia BĂLĂNESCU, Financial Responsible

Georgiana UNGUREANU, Administrative staff

George POPESCU, Web-designer

Website: http://www.cmu-edu.eu/