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Intellectual output 4

Intellectual Output 4 – E-platform for Blended Learning

The E-platform for Blended Learning: http://divsea.cmu-edu.eu/ comprises of a set of tools for guiding you in your career and sections designed for improving your skills and competencies. In recognition of the acquired skills and for the successful completion of the online course and examination the certificate of completion will be awarded.

Career guidance tools. Here you will find a set of tools for helping you in your future career:

  • Prepare your CV
  • Tips for interview
  • Write the cover letter

Soft skills improvement. This section targets several categories of users such as students, VET trainees, high school pupils and young workers, and addresses the below skills:

  • Effective communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork

Technical skills. This section of the platform is designed for the marine specific skills’ improvement comprising of:

  • Ship energy efficiency
  • Ballast water management system operations
  • Marine survey
  • Marine cargo survey

How to take advantages of using the platform?
You may use the platform to improve your knowledge and to gain recognition for your achievements. The courses were designed to gradually allow you to view the learning materials. It means that you will have access to the first module, then to the associated test, then gradually to the next modules and tests. There is no time limit for reading. You are invited to read at your own pace, even to close it and re-open when you are prepared for studying. On successful completion of each course module, you will take an intermediate test. On completion of the course, there is a final test. The pass score is 50% for each intermediate test and 60% for the final test.

Future outcomes: Operational procedures for Blended Learning system; The report comprising recommendations for recognition and validation of work-related skills and learning outcomes; Two proposal for improvement of the institutional development strategy.