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Transnational Project Meeting 1

1st TPM – the kick-off meeting took place in Constanta, Romania on 20 – 21 October 2016

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Representatives of all four partners were present, in total 12 persons from 4 countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Netherlands and Romania.
The meeting started with presentations of partners’ institutions, and then continued with discussions about project implementation. The activities were presented in great detail, to create premises for successfully achieving of the project Intellectual Outputs.
The project web-site has been presented and a project Logo has been proposed. The partners has been invited to send information to be included on the web-site sections dedicated to each partner (description of institution, dissemination, etc).
The structure of the Dropbox shared folder has been presented, followed by setting up the access for partners. Few organizational issues were discussed and the Project manager will consult the Romanian National Agency.
The next steps and deadlines for the project implementation were established.

Meeting Agenda                Minutes of meeting                  TPM Report