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Short-term joint staff training sessions 1

1st Study Programme for staff took place in Cyprus, 19-23 of June 2017

The training session aimed at fostering the exchange of good practices to improve trainers’ competences of teaching and assessing the trainees’ soft skills. The new achieved pedagogical approaches facilitate the improvement of learning materials with new tools for skills assessment.

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Trainers from the four partner institutions Constanta Maritime University – Romania, Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov Naval Academy – Bulgaria, European Association of Career Guidance – Cyprus and STC-Group – Netherlands participated in short-term joint staff training session.

After the training session, the partners will organise local workshops for dissemination among colleagues. Participation will be open for all trainers and the invitation and meeting agenda will be sent via email. The purpose of this event is to share the acquired knowledge to other colleagues, extending the positive impact to all trainees beyond the project lifetime.

C1 Agenda        C1 Summary of training session