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Sharing the results of the project


On Thursday, 27th of September 2018, with the occasion of the World Maritime Day, CMU organized an innovative type of workshop. We have invited our stakeholders from various maritime related sectors and we participated to an exercise for Enterprise Design Thinking.

The first part of the event was designated to presentation and promotion of the main results of the project: courses for continuing professional development, new marine qualifications, E-platform for blended learning.

The second part was designed to include participants into an exercise to identify the stakeholders needs (seafarers, graduates, professors, students, employees) and to generate ideas for reducing the existing gap between the educational world and labour market.

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The results are relevant for understanding the stakeholders’ vision in terms of collaboration for reducing the gaps between education provided and labour market needs.

The impact was measured during and at the end of the multiplier event. Participants involvement and the feedback forms distributed and collected to measure the satisfactory level reveled the overall positive appreciation.