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The university headquarters are in the center of Constanta town, housing the Faculties of Navigation and Marine Engineering, three Research centers, administrative and teaching departments, Nautica publishing house and the university library. Having in mind its specific maritime field, the university set up a Nautical center for the training of students on the banks of Mamaia Lake. Besides training facilities and crafts, the Nautical Center houses classes, laboratories, a new modern hostel and a fire fighting polygon.

Accommodation for students

The university campus includes

  • Headquarters housing learning areas, conference rooms, modern laboratories and simulators
  • Nautical training center, on the banks of Mamaia Lake, housing a multifunctional laboratory with electromechanical equipment, training stations, training and drilling center, football field, tennis court, sports hall
  • Nautica Publishing House, which publishes scientific books, scientific magazines, the Annals of the University and scientific journals
  • Library with over 36,000 books
  • 3 hostels with an accommodation capacity of over 500 places
  • Canteen and cafeteria


  • First student dormitory is located within the Mamaia Lake Campus of the Maritime University of Constanța and consists of 24 accommodation units allocated to students.
  • Second Student Dormitory A2 is located within the Central Campus of the Maritime University of Constanța and has a total of 33 accommodation units designed for students.
  • Third Student Dormitory Far3 is located in the Far area of the city of Constanța and has a total of 94 accommodation units designed for students.
  • Student Dormitory features the following amenities, equipped to current standards:
  • Private bathrooms.
  • Personal kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven, and furniture.
  • Furniture including a bed, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookshelf, and workstations.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Fire alarm system.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Internet and cable TV services.

The dormitory is equipped with a properly equipped laundry facility, including washing machines and clothes dryers.

The Nautical Training Center

The Nautical Training Center is located on the banks of Mamaia Lake. It houses a multifunctional laboratory with electromechanical equipment, training stations, training and drilling center, learning and teaching areas, a students’ hostel and a variety of nautical crafts and rescue boats.

The Multifunctional Laboratory comprises 12 working stations which cater for 12 disciplines included in the teaching curricula of the Faculty of Marine Engineering, for undergraduate Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies.

At the Nautical Training Center students perform their seamanship training. They are also involved in sports activities such as yachting (sailing boats) and canoeing (10+1). These activities are meant to introduce students to the seaman’s lifestyle. Moreover, they are completely free of charge for the students and are carried out in a friendly and fun way, successfully mixing the useful with the delightful.

University Library

The library’s mission is to support the teaching, research and education process, by providing readers with publications (books, periodic journals) in all areas of interest, as well as electronic databases and study areas.

In the general context of the reformation of the Romanian higher education, the library has the following objectives:

  • Permanent development of available publications, both hard copies and electronic versions
  • Improvement of the current technical and material endowment
  • Improvement and diversification of provided services
  • Extension of reading and storing areas
  • Procurement of modern information media, both nationally and internationally

How to obtain the library permit:

  • Students enrolled in full time and part time study programs, Master’s students:
  • Personal ID
  • Student’s booklet, properly stamped

  • For CMU teaching staff and personnel:
  • Personal ID
  • Certificate issued by the employer

  • For Ph.D. students and other members of the academic community:
  • Personal ID


  • IT room
  • Bibliographic information
  • Direct access to catalogues
  • Access to reading room
  • Book borrowing – at home or in the reading room

Office Hours

  • The library and the reading / internet room are open Mondays to Fridays, as follows:
  • Monday: 12-20
  • Tuesday – Friday: 08-16
  • Books are borrowed using the personal ID or passport.
  • Staff
  • Mioara Mitu, Librarian – Telephone: 0754065172


    • CMU Library is located within the Constanta County “Ioan N. Roman” Library, on the ground floor.
    • Address: No. 104A Mircea cel Bătrân Street, Constanta, 900592
    • Telephone: 0241/664740
    • Fax: 0241617260
    • E-mail: info@cmu-edu.eu

Nautica Publishing House

Nautica Publishing House was founded as a result of the demand for the publication of papers and books for all specializations, written by university teaching staff and external authors.

In recognition of the valuable publications and its editorial policy, Nautica Publishing House has been acknowledged by CNCSIS, B level. It publishes scientific papers and journals, university textbooks, technical books and monographs.

“Neptune” Sports Club

It was founded by the students and the teaching staff of the former Merchant Marine Institute in 1991 and it was previously named “Neptune” University Sports’ Association. In 2005 the Association was converted in the current sports’ club, which obtained the Sports Identity Certificate in 2006.