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Constanta Maritime University is a world-leading institution in both teaching and research. It offers undergraduate Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, as well as doctoral studies.

We invite all high school graduates who would like to acquire solid university competence to choose one of the degrees offered by the university. Upon graduation they can find good opportunities to build a maritime or maritime-related career. All our students also receive an Engineers’ diploma, which gives them additional job opportunities, both onshore and offshore.

Below is a short description of the Romanian education system.

First Cycle Programs

Bachelor studies (undergraduate studies)

Graduates from an upper secondary institution are eligible to apply for admission to a first degree program. The programs are organized into 8 semesters of didactic activities and the total number of ECTS credits gained upon graduation is 240, 30 for each semester.

Second Cycle Programs

Master degree studies aim at extending competence of the Bachelor studies graduated. Master degree studies take 2-4 semesters, are finalized by a Dissertation and recognised through a Diploma. The master studies correspond, usually, to a number of credits between 90 and 120, a master semester corresponding to a number of 30 study credits. The total length of the 1st cycle (undergraduate studies) and 2nd cycle (Master studies) has to correspond to at least 300 transferable study credits.

Third Cycle (Ph.D.) Programs

Doctoral Diploma is the highest academic degree awarded in all domains after 3-4 years of study and original research. It follows the first academic degree (or master’s degree) and requires the passing of examinations and the submission of an original thesis.

The holder of a Doctoral Diploma is granted the Ph.D. title in the respective field of science. The Ph.D. represents the third cycle of higher education and allows for qualification of level 8 within EQF/CEC and within the National Qualification Framework.