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About IMO

The activity of the Department Promotion and IMO courses from Constanta Maritime University has as main objectives ensuring the IMO courses for students of all maritime specializations, full-time and part-time courses, and also guiding the students from full-time courses for practice onboard ship.
The mandatory IMO courses for maritime safety are those ones listed in Annex 3 of the Order of the Ministry of Transport (OMT 1252/13 August 2014).
The students in the first study year can attend IMO courses for cadets necessary to obtain the seaman book and the certificate of competency for aspiring marine officer (cadet).

These are:
• Basic training program for maritime safety:
1. Elementary first medical aid;
2. Basic fire fighting;
3. Personal survival techniques at sea;
4. Personal safety and social responsibilities on board ships;
• Ship security and specific security tasks on board ship.
After the university’s graduation and completion of the seagoing practice period, the student can enroll for the examination in order to obtain the maritime officer license. The courses required to obtain the certificate of competency for maritime officer are:
• The Human Element, Leadership and Teamwork training course (HELM)
• Basic training program for maritime safety for officers
• Proficiency in the use of survival and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats
• Prevention and fight against fire – advanced
• Medical First Aid
• Ship security and specific security tasks on board ship/Ship Security Officer
• Global Maritime Distress and Safety System – General Operator Certificate (GMDSS-GOC)
• Use of Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS)

The last 2 courses are only for the students from the Navigation Faculty.

Following examinations taking place at the end of courses, the students will get the certificates of proficiency issued by CERONAV.

The students who graduated the IMO courses for cadets and obtained the medical and psychological certificate may request from the Romanian Naval Authority, the seaman book and the certificate of competency for aspiring marine officer (cadet), according to the each student’s specialization (deck, mechanical , electrician).

After obtaining these documents, the students can perform the practice onboard ship.

This period of practice, mechanical and electrician minimum 6 months (the period allowed until 31 December 2016), deck minimum 12 months, is mandatory for the examination for maritime officer license: marine deck officer, marine engineer officer or marine electrician officer.

The sea board practice can be performed on board ships (coastal vessels excluded) during the international voyages period.
In order to ensure the practice on board ships and to accumulate the minimum period required for examination for maritime officer, Constanta Maritime University has concluded cooperation agreements with 22 crewing agencies.

These crewing agencies develop programs for cadets on board ships, and at present, are on international voyages, students in II, III and IV year’s study from all maritime specializations with good academic situations.