Operator at treatment and WWT

Operator at treatment and WWT


Course aim

The overall aim of the OperTreatWWT Course is to describe the specialist work “Operator at treatment and wastewater treatment”, in activities of using technical/ technological systems for wastewater treatment.

Course objectives

On completion of the OperTreatWWT Course, the trainees are expected to be able to:

  • Apply the legal provisions relating to a healthy environment, security in employment and in the field of emergency situations;
  • Apply the legal provisions concerning the protection of the environment;
  • Apply quality procedures and organize workplace;
  • Provide maintenance for the work equipment;
  • Understand the purpose of individual training with working instructions;
  • Manage materials; full dispensing apparatus; record technical parameters; take samples of wastewater.

Target group

The course is open to all persons acting in wastewater treatment field.

Entry requirements

  • Secondary education diploma
  • Graduation mark will be a selection criterion of high priority.


Application process starts with e-mail sent to: info@imc.ro or marianapan@yahoo.com. Applicants would be confirmed and coordinated by the Course Coordinator.


OperTreatWWT Course – 400 Euro. Payment cash or bank transfer in Euro or Romanian currency (LEI).

For students OperTreatWWT Course fee – 200 Euro

Course duration

21 days, 100 hours

Course location

Constanta Maritime University, 104, Mircea cel Bătrân St, Constanţa, 900663, Room P021 (MDII).

Number of participants

Minimum 10 – Maximum 40

Learning Process

The training sessions combine theoretical and practical exercises conducted in Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Simulator. The course materials are written in Romanian and the course will be held in Romanian.


The trainees’ knowledges are assessed by a commission named by National Authority of Qualification (NAQ), Constanta branch, at the end of the course.

On successful completion of OperTreatWWT Course, the trainees will receive the Certificate of OperTreatWWT Course completion for beginners, authorized by Educational and Research Ministry, Labor, Family and Social Protection Ministry and (NAQ).


Constanta Maritime University has received FULL APPROVAL from the National Authority of Qualification (NAQ) to run OperTreatWWT Course.

Occupational standard for Operator at treatment and wastewater treatment – COR 818902

Contact details

Course Coordinator: Prof. PhD. Eng. Mariana PANAITESCU
Mobile: +40 755 047 477

Web: https://cmu-edu.eu/opertreatwwt/