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Faculty of Navigation and Naval Transport Engineering and Management in Transports

Engineering and Management in Transports


The transport and logistics sector represents a key drive of modern social and global trade development, providing excellent career opportunities for millions of people. Transport infrastructure comprises the transport network (streets, motorways, railways, waterways, space lanes, pipes, etc.) and the terminals (airports, railway stations, bus depots, etc.).

Transportation means are diverse: auto vehicles, trains, vessels, etc. and require the proper knowledge of aspects related to design construction, diagnose and exploitation, road traffic and management. Transport management and engineering aim to optimize transport systems, to increase safety, improve the quality of transport services and protect the environment.


  • Duration: 4 years / 8 semesters
  • Start of academic year: October
  • Credit points: 240
  • Available slots: 60/19 (state-budget)
  • Language: Romanian
  • Location: Constanta
  • Tuition fee: 3400 lei/year

Study program in Engineering and Management in Transports is dedicated to those who wish to pursue an onshore career in the fields of logistics and transports. The program aims to train highly qualified engineers for high end fields of exploitation and development in the engineering and management domain. The subjects included in the teaching curriculum ensure that the future graduate will gain technical and managerial competences.

The program has a duration of 4 years and it is designed to provide graduates with mixed technical (engineering) and economic competences, in compliance with the new requirements of circular economy. The graduates will thus obtain the practical competences and skills appropriate for the current and future needs of international transports and logistics
Graduates receive the engineering degree but, compared to other specializations existing on the Romanian education market, they also acquire a high level of mixed and complementary scientific knowledge, both technical and managerial.


  • Transport systems
  • Means of transport
  • Transport terminals
  • International freight
  • Merchandise expertise
  • Transport logistics
  • Ship chartering and agency
  • Transport quality management


International recognition

The engineering degree is internationally recognized, giving you the opportunity to be hired anywhere around the world


It is provided flexibility to study online by logging in on the virtual campus platform.


Our graduates may choose between a career in transports, logistics, international trade, crewing, international cargo freight, port operation, etc.

Modern technologies

The IT field is gaining more and more ground and transport technologies are keeping up with this trend. You will study the current peculiarities of transport technologies. You will work on modern applications, similar to those used in the professional domain. Additionally, you will benefit from a free course on the Introduction to Cyber Security in a modern lab endowed with state of the art study equipment

Internship in Constanta Port

Constanta Maritime University has concluded a series of partnership to facilitate students’ internships with operators from Constanta Port. During the second year of studies students carry out their engineering internship in Constanta Port, while during the third year students carry out their economic internship. Internships are also possible with banks and in the field of logistics

Professional counselling

Our students benefit from professional counselling and support in terms of being integrated on the labour market


Graduates of the study program in Engineering and Management in Transports may choose to work onshore, in transport industry and logistics

  • Cargo and transport means inspection
  • Organization management
  • Research and consultancy firms
  • Supply chain
  • Freight brokerage
  • Freight forwarding
  • Public and administrative transport authorities
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Specialist marketing
  • Financial manager
  • Logistician

Successful careers (graduates)

Lavinia Popescu

Crewing Manager, CMA Ships SINGAPORE Pte LTd

I chose Engineering and Management in Transports within the Faculty of Navigation, CMU, because it trained students in the field of transports, giving them the opportunity to pursue a career onshore.

Upon graduation I felt both theoretically and practically prepared to face the demands in my chosen field of activity, namely the recruitment and placement of the seagoing personnel, sequel to attending various internships.

Student life at CMU is extremely dynamic… it is here where I first learned, throughout my activity within the Students’ Organization, that my interests should be respected, that vision and decision making are individual choices.

Lavinia Vlas

Crewing Operator Nemo Shipping

By studying Engineering and Management in Transports I had the chance to gather knowledge on all means of transportation, which helped be choose my future professional path.

During my fourth year of studies, sequel to various attempts to find my first job in the field, I had been given the opportunity to work in crewing, which is a branch of maritime transport and deals with the recruitment of seagoing personnel.

Moroşanu Liliana

Crewing Executive, Şagău Shipping Executive

The four years spent among professors of the Faculty of Engineering and Management in Transports has proved to be a very useful experience. Upon graduation I felt better informed and more confident in myself, my qualities and knowledge.

Constanta Maritime University provides the prospects for a successful career in this field

Georgiana Bogdan

KALES Airline Services

Ambition and trust should be your main weapons. I chose to come and enrol by myself, I took the admission exam and, although I haven’t qualified for one of the budgeted places during my first year, I persevered and obtained a scholarship for the next three years of studies.

Constanta Maritime University has shaped my future, has trained me and has facilitated my access to KALES Airline Services company.


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