Acasa / Event / Send your suggestions for AGENDA OF CHANGE: Gender Equality in Maritime (SDG 5) !

Send your suggestions for AGENDA OF CHANGE: Gender Equality in Maritime (SDG 5) !


Friends of the maritime world, you are invited to send your ideas on WHAT EFFECTIVE ACTION DO YOU EXPECT  from the policy makers European Commission and the United Nations agencies for gender equality in maritime !

Just make a short video of 60 seconds of yourself for the Agenda of Change: Gender Equality in Maritime (SDG 5)! Is simple: send to your 60 seconds video recording saying  what the policy makers EC, IMO and ILO should do together for gender equality in maritime?

Maritime stakeholders are invited to fill in the short Google Form

Your short recording should include :
1. WHO you are?
2. WHAT action do you expect from the policy-makers for women empowerment in maritime (e.g. update of policies, new policies, joint actions delivered between United Nations agencies and the European Commission, scholarships, academic programs, research etc.)
3. BY WHOM the action should be delivered? (e.g.: EU, IMO, ILO or all together)
4. WHY the action should be delivered and
5. WHEN the idea should be implemented
If possible, mention how you can get involved in the implementation of your proposal.

Send your 60 seconds video recording (video or YouTube link) to

Don’t forget to fill in the short registration  Google Form

All recordings will be merged in a final recording submitted to policy makers (special departments of the EC, IMO and ILO) with a draft of the “Joint IMO-ILO-EU Agenda of Change for Gender Equality  in Maritime” proposal.