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SafeSTRAITS project description

SafeSTRAITS – Development of a Training System for Safe Turkish Straits

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An ambitious project, in which Constanta Maritime University is a member of, SafeStraits aims at providing safe navigation for all commercial ships passing through the Turkish Straits, in preventing environmental pollution disasters and minimizing commercial losses of shipping companies, by providing specialized training for users.

Safety is of paramount importance for maritime transportation, in particular narrow and critical waterways. The Turkish Straits are considered as one of the most dangerous waterways due to harsh physical environment, strong currents, and variable weather conditions, and can pose a significant challenge to ships in navigation. The congested local ship traffic (including ferries, passenger ships, fishing vessels, sailing vessels, etc.) and the busy crossing passage frequently interfere with navigation of commercial ships. To avoid accidents, an extensive training of seafarers is required to increase knowledge and skills on navigation requirements, shipping routes, VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) communication, reporting procedures, variable weather conditions, currents, and dangerous areas in the Straits.

In the context of the covid-19 pandemic, which affected face-to-face learning and teaching activities, and most of the learning has been conducted via digital platforms, maritime practical training has yet to perform due to insufficient digital teaching and learning activities.

Therefore, the objective is to introduce practical web-based online modules to increase knowledge and ability for the Turkish Straits users, like skippers of fishing vessels, yachts, boats, passenger ships, or ferries sailing in the Turkish Straits.

The SafeSTRAITS consortium consists of two maritime-specific universities (UoS and CMU), one Turkish Straits Maritime Research Center governed by public university (ITU- TSMRC), one maritime council specialized in accreditations and maritime education affairs (DEDEK), one R&D company specializing in IT solutions such as software implementation, IoT development and technologies (ORKA), one international seafarers manning agency (AP&A) and one the largest local traffic user company who has more than 100 ships sailing in Turkish Straits (ISH). The project partners have strong maritime network, experience about maritime trainings and implementation.

The expected results of the project are to increase awareness and skills on safe navigation related issues for seafarers and local traffic users, to prevent ship accidents and environmental pollution in the vicinity of the Turkish Straits.

Long-term benefits include recognition of the online training program by EU ship operators, which will improve consciousness of seafarers and local traffic users on safe navigation, and will generate trained maritime professionals.

The project will develop between 2021-2023.

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