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Navis Crew recruteaza ofiteri punte

Navis Crew Management was founded in the 2011 Year as a subdivision of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”. Navis Crew Management (NCM) as a part of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” set up in the 1943 year assigns well-qualified and certified officers and ratings for all types of vessels within offshore fleet.

We presently supply crew for 150+ vessels maintaining more than 500+ officers onboard diversified OSV & T&I Construction fleet including Jack Up Barges self-elevating / self-propelled.

Deck Officers / Cadets
Salary: 1 500 USD – 1 650 USD per month
Contract duration: 3 months
Area of sailing: Persian Gulf
Vessel Type: AHTS/PSV DP1/DP2
Position in the contract: Junior Officer

For all candidates: English – B1 Intermediate level; Diploma Addendum with a good average score.
Certificate of Competency is obligatory:
For Deck Cadets: “Navigator Unlimited License”

Address: M, Tomis Business Center, Mircea cel Batran street, no. 152 bis, Constanta, Romania 900627
Office tel.: +40 371 700 204