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Press release Open Kick meeting project


Event name: Project BLOW- Kick-Off Meeting 18.01.2023-19.01.2023

Location: Brusselss, Belgia

Project BLOW2023-2028- Black Sea FLoating Offshore Wind,

Grant Agreement Nº: 101084323

Purpose:  follows the concept of uniform exploitation of the marine area, through the exploitation of wind turbines in the area far from the shore, at more than 25 Mm. In this area, the water depth is over 40 m and therefore the solution for mounting the wind turbines cannot be the one fixed in the seabed, but using an anchored semi-ballasted floating platform. The solution is adapted to the western area of ​​the Black Sea (Varna-Bulgaria), where the wind potential is medium, and therefore the construction is special.

Aim: The launch of BLOW (Black sea floating Offshore Wind) is a revolutionary initiative aimed at harnessing the Black Sea’s floating offshore wind energy potential. The offshore wind turbine is a clean, cost-effective and scalable source of energy, and floating offshore wind energy is expected to play a key role in unlocking the vast potential of deepwater areas.

Period 2023-2028

Budget: over 21 M€.

General Objective: The project will deploy a 5 MW demonstration system in the Black Sea, paving the way for mass industrial production and deployment of floating offshore wind farms. By coupling synergies with the oil and gas sectors, the BLOW project aims to accelerate the energy transition in the region and stimulate societal acceptance and cross-border policy development.

Partners project:

Coordinator-IREC – Energy Research Institute of Catalonia Spain

  1. EOLINK – Floating wind farm research company – Franta
  2. PETROCELTIC – PETROCELTIC BULGARIA EOOD – Offshore gas field exploitation company in the Varna Bulgaria area
  3. GSP – Grup Servicii Petroliere SRL (GSP Offshore), which will ensure the production and transport of the floating structure-Constanta, Romania,
  4. CMU- Constanta Maritima University will install the equipment for monitoring environmental parameters
  5. BEIA – Research company in the field of electronics and telecommunications, Bucharest, Romania
  7. BEXCO- Company that will provide the turbine fixing systems – Hamme, Belgia
  8. MCE- Company specialized in metal constructions MCE GMbH (MCE) Linz, Austria,
  9. DURED – Renewable energy research institute – Ankara, Turcia
  10. FRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG- Multinational company in the field of research, Munchen Germania
  11. ACCIONA GENERACION RENOVABLE, Research institute in the field, Navarra, Spania
  12. MGU- University of Mines and Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  14. BRUNEL UNIVERSITY LONDON Uxbridge, Marea Britanie